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Friday, December 02, 2005

Vazhuthananga chammanthi

Indira of Mahanandi, has written about onion chutney or Ulli Pachadi. My father has a special recipe for vazhuthananga chammanthi. Vazhuthananga is nothing but brinjal. And, chammanthi is what we term chutneys in Malayalam.

Well, not exactly. There is a difference. While chutney is the more watery accompaniment for iddalies and dosas (and only occasionally for rice), chammanthi is the thick paste, ground without adding water. Chutney is invariably seasoned with mustard seeds, dry red chillies and curry leaves (in the southern districts, with onions as well). But, chammanthi has no seasoning, except for a dash of coconut oil sometimes.

My father would saute chopped vazhuthananga pieces in a little oil, but the original recipee called for grilling over live coals, in the purely local way. When the wood stove gave way to cooking gas, he resolutely tried out the pan. But I improvised it to grilling over the gas flame !

After the vazhuthananga pieces are sauted well, he would saute small onions (chuvannulli) and a couple of red chillies, with a small lump of tamarind. Then, all ingredients were mashed together. The mashing too, became modernised with the advent of the mixie. Earlier, it was a mortar-and-pestle-affair. But, using a mixie can be tricky, as the mixture needs to be rough, not a smooth paste, which would rob it of all the punch. And came a final dash of coconut oil. Whhew ! No need for anything more with the rice.


At 11:27 AM, Blogger Seena said...

Hi Renu,
Have visited Adukkala before.thanks for adding me here..We make chammanthi's like this..
Just came to say thanks..!


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