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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Right now, I am writing from the office. There's something distinctively thrilling to blog from your work desk. Esepcially if you have some urgent work to do. You are not exactly bunking, yet you get a feeling of bunking. And, moreover, you get a feeling of change, or freshness.

So, it's been a dull day, foodwise. But, these days, we're having something like a three-meal routine. For a change ! So, I suggested wheat dosas for breakfast. With a chutney of small onions. R made the dosas. I peeled the onions. Hot dosas with onion paste makes a nice breakfast, (may be not such a nice smell !)

wheat dosa is my all time favourite. so easy to make. substantial, with a crunchy taste. I am not very good with measurements. I prefer the 'take-a-pinch-of,' 'add-enough-water' school.

So, take some wheat flour, mix with water to get a smooth paste, it should not be too watery. R today put the batter in the mixie, to get rid of the lumps easily. I never thought it before. And, just make dosas, like you make dosas everytime. Put the frying pan on the stove, (we have an old, iron one), sprinkle some gingelly oil (use a big onion to spread the oil, the dosa won't stick) and make thick dosas. I like them crisp. R likes them more limp.

I don't add chillies to the onion paste, only salt and coconut oil. Those who like it hot, can add chillies to the mixer. crushed pepper is also Ok.

And, for lunch, it was just plain butter-and-jam sandwich. I did not want to go out for lunch. And i ate from my desk. Though normally it is not the done thing here.


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